We're on track to open in August 2022!

September was another busy month at the construction site of Glebe Hill Village. Can you believe the progress?

Your new shopping centre will be up in no time. We're currently on track to open in early August 2022!

Work has progressed on the main building and you might have noticed that the retaining wall at the McDonald's end is also starting to take shape. The Fairbrother team are using the Verti-Block system for this wall, known for its strength and versatility.

Retaining wall at the McDonald's end of the site (as at mid-September)

Click below to watch the drone footage of the site (taken in late September) from Aerial Vision Australia.

As always, we also have a time lapse video for you, showing the construction throughout September. Check it out below!

Keep updated with the progress on our Facebook page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments!